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A brief run down on the Harmony Omega Technology

As with all the other Harmony United Products, the technology functions through quantum ordering – it can neither add anything to nor remove anything from any system.
This unique property of the Harmony Technology of simply bringing order to whatever is already there, sets the pre-condition in which any system can naturally move into optimal function.

The Harmony devices do not and cannot filter out the damaging and perturbing junk/chaos/etc. but they don’t need to! Simply “separating the wheat from the chaff” brings naturally into force a property inherent in ANY system (this is what “system” actually means) of being able to express its optimal function and potential.
This happens through natural resonance.

Any system has a natural resonance only with the information and energy which it needs to function. If the energy and information fields are ordered then this natural resonance will cause the system to only take up the energy frequencies which it actually needs to function. The rest will be simply “ignored” and pass through without affecting the system in any way.
You can, perhaps, best visualize this by taking the example of the radio in your car. In some areas there can be as many as thirty different radio stations signals passing through your car. The ordering which the tuner in your radio carries out ensures that only one radio station at a time is actually heard. All the other signals simply pass through without doing anything.
The Harmony devices do something very similar just at a much finer level, i.e. by ordering the causational structure of the electron stream itself.

Further details of the Harmony United Technology can be read on the corporate website here.

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